Game FAQ

What is Havoc! The Combat Card Game?
  • Havoc! is a cards-and-dice game simulating medieval hand-to-hand combat.  Players use cards to show information about their fighter – like their Class, Weapon, and Armor.  Players also use cards to show what their fighters do in combat – actions like slashing with a sword, parrying with a shield, or just standing still.  Dice rolls determine whether an attack hits.  Other cards are used to show serious combat effects like Wound and Bash.
How long does it take to learn Havoc!?
  • Not too long.  You can be up-and-running in about fifteen minutes.  Once you have the basics down, learning Havoc!’s more advanced rules (like fighting from horseback, using missile weapons, or switching weapons).  Take a look at our YouTube channel for a quick “how to play” video, as well as other videos showing how to play Havoc! The Combat Card Game.
How many cards are there?
  • The full set contains 864 poker-sized cards.  Most of these cards (796) contain full-color art, including cards used to show Class, Weapon, Armor, Combat Actions, Wound, and Bash.  Thirty-six cards detail special combat Abilities, twenty cards are used to show a fighter’s Prowess, and twelve cards are used to track key information like Initiative and Distance.
  • Combat Action Cards make up over half the set – 485 cards.  These are different types of Attacks and Defenses, plus Pause Cards.  Each Combat Action Card has a full-color illustration showing the action taking place, as well as all the information needed to play the game (like To Hit and Damage modifiers).   
How do Players build Decks?
  • Players build 25-Card decks consisting of a mix of Attacks, Defenses, and Pauses.  The exact number and type of Attacks and Defenses is based on their choice of Class, Weapon, Prowess, and whether they use a Shield.  Really good fighters get a higher proportion of Attacks and Defenses in their Decks, and much fewer Pauses.  To get started fighting, Players shuffle their 25-Card decks, and then draw a Hand of Combat Action Cards.
What’s a Hand?
  • After shuffling their 25-Card Decks, Players draw their Hand of 6-8 Combat Action Cards from the top of their Decks.  Most fighters have a 7-Card Hand – bad or untrained fighters get a 6-Card Hand and really good fighters get an 8-Card Hand. 
What else comes in the box?  Do I have to buy anything else to play?
  • Everything you need to play Havoc! comes in the box.  We are looking at expansions, but Havoc! stands on its own – Havoc! is not a collectible card game. 
Do you guys have a Kickstarter?
  • Yep, we’re working hard to launch soon.  We’re hoping to use the Kickstarter campaign to pay for production and distribution.  Everything about Havoc! already exists, so we’re not looking for Kickstarter funding to help develop any aspects of the game (like cards needed to play).
Is there an electronic version of Havoc! The Combat Card Game?
  • We plan to make available a limited set of Havoc! cards through Tabletop Simulator.  The TTS version will allow Players to work through some basic scenarios, like Romans fighting Gauls.
Do you have any other games besides Havoc!?
  • We’re working on it.  We plan to release a wargame (Fearful Odds) and a tabletop roleplaying game (Sopron TTRPG). Fearful Odds provides both a strategic layer and a tactical layer while also providing a forum for individual Havoc! fights between heroes and monsters.
  • We’ve got a few other projects in the works, too.