Game Credits

Game design

Jason Cawley

Contributions from

Anthony Dale

Special thanks to:

Bernd Jaehnigen, Thomas Jaehnigen, Nathan Leonard, Audrey Roy Greenfeld, Daniel Roy Greenfeld, Michael Tan, and all the Playtesters at San Diego HistoriCon 2019 and 2020.

Quick Start Game Guide written by:

Anthony Dale with Jason Cawley

Art Credits

Layout Carlos Bautista, Aura Design Studio


Stef Andrei, Megvin Gjovari, Liza Navarro, Tanya Podolskaia, Antoine Ren, Runa Ivana Rosenberger, Kevin Shoemaker

Stef Andrei (Slash (Male), Cut (Male), Thrust (Male), Smash (Male), Great Blow (Male), Deep Slash, Hard Cut, Artful Thrust Heavy Smash, Master Slash, Master Cut, Master Thrust, Master Smash, Ferocious Great Blow, Knight 1 Pausing, Swordsman Pausing, Legionnaire Pausing, Longsword Knight Pausing, Viking Pausing, Spearman Pausing, Punch, Kick, Off Balance, Staggered, Reeling, Dazed, Driven to a Knee, Knocked Down, Laid Out, Arab Warrior, French Mounted Knight, English Man-at-Arms, Italian Duelist, French Duelist, Improvised Shield); Megvin Gjovari (Knight (Male and Female), Barbarian (Male and Female), Warrior (Male and Female), Rogue (Male and Female), Citizen (Male and Female), Bruised, Slight Bleeding, Moderate/Severe Arm Wound, Moderate/Severe Leg Wound, Battered, Moderate Bleeding, Moderate/Severe Belly Wound, Moderate/Severe Chest Wound, Deep Bleeding, Severe Neck Wound, Moderate Head Wound, Severe Head Wound, Head Injury, Neck Injury, Chest Injury, Belly Injury, Arm Injury, Leg Injury, Misfortune Curse, Mild Poisoning Condition, Close, Stand Ground, Keep Distance, Celtic Maul Berserker, Celtic Chieftain, Hun Horseman, Kurdish Heavy Cavalryman, Winged Lancer, Mameluke Cavalryman, Marrok Wolfman, Lord Devon, Dwarf Shieldmate, Manni Freebooter, Kavan, Charran Javelin Hunter); Liza Navarro (Egyptian Charioteer, Hoplite Hero, Persian Immortal Infantryman, Greek Peltast, Gladiator Retiarius, Gladiator Secutor, Gladiator Thracian, Roman Centurion, Roman Legionnaire, Gallic Hero, Gallic Spearman, Falx Berserker, Half-Sword Knight, Coronatia, Skrall, Hobgoblin Heavy Infantryman, Hobgoblin Spearman, Hobgoblin Archer); Tanya Podolskaia (Slash (Female), Cut (Female), Thrust (Female), Smash (Female), Great Blow (Female), Ferocious Blow (Female), Female Knight Pausing, Female Viking Pausing, Wolf/Small Bite, Lesser Drake/Large Bite, Stag/Antlers, Bear/Medium Claws, Lesser Drake/Large Claws, Horse/Hoof Kick, Lesser Drake/Tail Swipe, Greater Drake/Fire Breath, Typhonas/Greater Drake, Pharis Ogre Lord, Goblin Minion, Grenar/Troll, Borsag Giant Chief, Lord Kariphon, Elf Sergeant, Great Spider); Antoine Ren (Assyrian Champion, Nubian Spearman, Numidian Cavalryman, Norman Knight, Saxon Housecarl, The Red Knight, Knight of Shadows, Germanic Crusader, Viking Shield Berserker, Viking Warrior, Danish Axe Berserker, Minotaur, Gargoyle/Shadow Revenge, Shadow Warrior, Wight); Runa Ivana Rosenberger (Amesha Angel, Lord Pistis, Harmian Sergeant Retainer); Kevin Shoemaker (Dagger, Hand Axe, Short Sword, Club, Mace, Scimitar, War Axe, Javelin One-Handed, Light Sword, Sword, Broadsword, War Hammer, Spear One-Handed, Javelin Two-Handed, Quarterstaff, Falx, Longsword, Battle Axe, Flail, Great Sword, Spear Two-Handed, Halberd, Pike, Lion/Medium Bite, Boar/Tusk, Bull/Horns/Head Butt, Lion/Small Claws, Composite Bow, Longbow, Crossbow, Short Bow, Sling, Thrown Javelin, Thrown Dagger, Thrown Hand Axe, Thrown Rock).

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