Free Havoc!

Introducing FREE HAVOC!, a roleplaying game built for HAVOC! THE COMBAT CARD GAME. FREE HAVOC! includes the first character creation system driven by a player’s choice of Alignment – choosing between Good and Evil has a meaningful impact on a character’s Attributes, Wealth, Social Status, and Skills.

FREE HAVOC! also includes an introduction to the card-based tabletop roleplaying experience set in the Lands of Sopron – after creating their characters and building their backstories, players dash into the beginning stages of The Curse of Kakadim (for play with or without a gamemaster). The stakes are high, the odds are long, and the temptations are great in The Curse of Kakadim. Can the players hang on after all hope is lost?

The 64-page, full-color booklet includes the Alignment-centered system for creating characters, an introduction to Sopron’s deathless gods and goddesses, an overview of the Lands of Sopron, a primer on magic, a map with accompanying card-based Locations, rules for Quests, and never- before-seen art. FREE HAVOC! is available for free simply by joining our email list. Thanks, and happy gaming!

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