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About Havoc!


Welcome to Havoc! The Combat Card Game.  We appreciate your interest in our game and hope you find this website useful.

Havoc! is a fast-paced cards-and-dice game of hand-to-hand combat.  Set in the era of swords and shields, spears and axes, Players take on the role of Knights, Barbarians, or other fighters locked in deadly combat.  Players win when they kill or incapacitate their opponent.

Havoc! depends on Player choice.  Players choose everything about their Combatants, including Class, Prowess, special fighting Abilities, how much Damage their fighters can take (Body), and how long they can fight (Fatigue). Players use cards to flesh out their fighters and tokens to keep track of Damage and Fatigue.


Game Play

Players build 25-Card decks of Combat Action Cards based on their choice of Class, Prowess, Weapon, and whether they have a Shield.  When fighting, Players shuffle their Decks and draw Hands of Combat Action Cards.  Players choose from the cards in their Hand to show what their Combatants do during a fight – Combat Actions like slashing with a sword or parrying with a shield.  Dice rolls determine whether a blow hits and whether a more serious combat effect like Wound or Bash takes place.    

In the full set of Havoc!, you get 864 poker-sized cards.  Over 90% of these cards have full-color art, including illustrations for Class, Weapons, Armor, Combat Actions, and Conditions like Wound and Bash.  

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Players can also use pre-generated historical Archetypes to fight as a Roman Gladiator, Ancient Egyptian Charioteer, Celtic Chieftain, Viking Berserker, Norman Knight, Hun Horseman, Kurdish Warrior, Mameluke Cavalryman, or a Renaissance Duelist.

Havoc! is based on hand-to-hand combat styles of the Ancient and Medieval Words, and so the geographical focus is on Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa.  Havoc! takes a page from the Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) movement, and Players familiar with HEMA will notice many similarities.

Combat Actions

The heart of the Havoc! combat system is the Combat Action Card, and the full set contains 485 of these cards.  Full-color illustrations show the type of action a fighter can take – like Attacking with a weapon, Defending with a shield, or a momentary Pause.  Attacks and Defenses are based on the type of Weapon, so a fighter with a sword could not use a smashing attack against their opponent.  Each Combat Action Card shows important information like To Hit and Damage modifiers or unanticipated consequences.

Your Destiny Awaits

As cards are drawn destiny takes hold; strategize to defeat your enemies and survive!


Havoc! has cards for handheld weapons, missile weapons, and natural weapons for animals and monsters.  The weapons are representative of those used from Ancient to Medieval times, so Players can choose to fight with swords, axes, shields, maces, flails, halberds, and similar weapons.  Seventy full-color cards give you all the information needed to play Havoc!, including the type and number of Combat Action Cards, Weapon Speed, Length, and Damage.




Full-color illustrations show the type of Armor a Havoc! fighter can wear – Brigandine, a Bronze Cuirass, or Chain & Plate, but also Shields, Helmets, Greaves, and Gauntlets.  Armor usually affects To Hit rolls and Damage and might allow a Save against more serious Wound Conditions.  Players will find that all types of Armor are not equally effective against all type of weapons and attacks.


Dice rolls can trigger extra Damage, Wounds, and Bash.  Wound Cards show the impact of more injurious wounds.  A fighter could experience a heavy Bruising, Bleeding, or a Head Injury, depending on the type of attack and the weapon.  Injury Condition Cards represent more serious wounds that often linger past the immediate battle.




Bash Cards show what happens when a fighter gets knocked around.  Bash effects range from being slightly Off Balance to Laid Out.

Poison & Curses

Havoc! also provides full-color cards for Curse Conditions and Poison Conditions.  Players can use these cards in combination with certain magical Foes and dark sorcery.



Watch Your Back...

Care to step into the magic-infused World of Sopron?  Players who prefer more fantasy-oriented themes can choose fantasy Foes like a Minotaur, Gargoyle, Wight, Amesha Angel, Troll, Ogre Lord, Hobgoblin, Dwarf, Giant, or Dragon.  Foe Cards provide all the information Players need to get up-and-running right away!

Tactical Advantage

Cards are also used to show each fighter’s movement Tactics during the fight, as well as details about Wounds and Bash. Plan your moves carefully…


Unique Adventures

Literally thousands of gameplay scenarios, no two games are ever the same!


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