About Havoc Games LLC

A long, long time ago . . . the members of Havoc Games, LLC started playing games.  We’ve pretty much played it all – wargames, roleplaying games, card games, and everything in between.  We started tinkering with rules early on, and we’ve been designing “homebrew” games before homebrew was term.  It took a while, but we finally decided to try our hands at publishing. 

Havoc! The Combat Card Game is our flagship product.  Havoc! is a cards-and-dice simulation of hand-to-hand combat in which Players take on roles of Knights, Barbarians, and other fighters.  Havoc! can be played separately, or as a supplement to an existing role-playing game. 

Free Havoc! is a free role-playing game system.  In this booklet, we offer a system for creating characters and an introduction to the magic-infused World of Sopron.  Free Havoc! is the first character creation system driven by a player’s choice of Alignment – choosing between Good and Evil has a meaningful impact on a character’s abilities, skills, and other aspects. 

Introductory tabletop roleplaying adventures provide background for the World of Sopron.

Fearful Odds is a wargame that combines grand strategy with tactical level combat in a way fully synchronized with Havoc! The Combat Card Game.  In Fearful Odds, players vie for control and domination in the World of Sopron.  The game includes hundreds of full-color counters for a range of military units, a full-color strategic-level map of the World of Sopron, and eight full-color tactical-level maps suitable for playing scores of wargame scenarios.  Players maneuver armies of humans, dwarfs, elves, hobgoblins, gnolls, ogres, and other fantasy races.  Dragons, sorcerers, and heroes enter the fray, hoping to provide their side a decisive advantage.  Players wishing a more in-depth wargame experience can use Havoc! to resolve key fights during the skirmishes and battles that arise through strategic play.

Sopron Tabletop Roleplaying Game is an epic fantasy adventure game set in the magic-infused World of Sopron.  In Sopron TTRPG, players build characters, undergo quests, explore forgotten ruins, and solve strange mysteries as they race to confront an ancient evil threatening the Known World.   

And we’re working on a few other projects, ranging from historical wargames to space exploration in the far future.